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Tradicional Rooms


A room perfectly designed for rest and pleasure, perfect for couples that like to have adventures. It has a double bed and a balcony with a spectacular view of the city.


Room that gives off an air of tranquility and comfort, with its two double beds and its fine details will make your moments beautiful stories to tell.


Room decorated in Colonial style, ideal for family stays as it has a King Size bed and a Single, its extraordinary panoramic view of the city will make your experience a stay full of quality and comfort.

Suites rooms


Room that reflects in its fine and precious details, the comfort and harmony that characterizes us, with its King Size bed and access to the Terrace, provides the rest you are looking for.


Our Master Suite, with its large King Size bed and Single bed, dining room, its Private Balcony and its exercise equipment, thus turning your rest into greater pleasure.


Room that combines sober style with comfort, with its Double bed and its Panoramic view of the City makes the moments pass and your stay is full of relaxation and pleasure.

Chocolate Restaurant

Restaurant with panoramic view of guanajuato

“Restaurant Chocolate” is a restaurant with the best panorama view of Guanajuato city centre; being a part of Hotel Chocolate Suites and Traditional Chocolate, “Chocolate Restaurant” counts with a menu consisting of a wide variety of Mexican traditional dishes, just as the typical dishes served in the city of Guanajuato, of course, provided to you in the most exquisite way, preserving the “Hotel Chocolate” experience. It is located in Temezcuitate and in Guanajuato´s historical city centre. It also counts with free parking for our customers.



Restaurant from la Sierra de Santa Rosa

Located in the Sierra of Santa Rosa with the most astonishing view of all Guanajuato City, in between mountains and clouds, with a good location and access, offering typical Mexican cuisine with our well-served essence and an abundant variety of Mexican “antojitos” such as freshly home-made tortillas, traditional and prepared mezcals, a quick service and courteous waiters, with a great parking spots — We introduce you “Tras Lomita Restaurant”.

A great place, with a breath-taking view from Sierra de Santa Rosa with a genuine “Café de la olla” on your hand.


Turistic chocolate group

We are a corporate with innovative ideas, with the desire of transmitting all our guests and tourists the lived experiences in the City of Guanajuato, captivating them with our hotels and services, to make your stay a more pleasant and comfortable one.


We began with the idea of creating a space where our guests can feel at home, while at the same time, giving them a bonus with each and every one of the services that the “Chocolate” experience provides.



The historic center of the city fills us with magic, color and mysticism, with its colonial style from where you can see the Hotel Chocolate Traditional Gto dare to live the experience of staying in a Hotel Chocolate.


From the terrace of Hotel Chocolate Suites, Gto. You can enjoy the best panoramic view of the city and a rich variety of desserts, dare to live the experience of staying in a Chocolate Hotel.

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Hotel Chocolate Suites

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Hotel Chocolate


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